Special Event Reports

Special Event Reports

  • “The Core Principles of Buddhadharma” by Guest Teacher David Listen

    David Listen

    On May 29, 2021, Chan/Zen teacher, David Listen, joined us to guide meditation and give a Dharma Talk via Zoom. He expounded on the Three Dharma Seals (impermanence, selflessness, nirvana). These describe how things truly are; and when we cannot let go of our desire for permanence or a sense of an independent self, we suffer. He explained how nirvana or “true nature” is not a “thing” we can see or attain, but simply describes our capacity to fully realize the truths of impermanence and selflessness, thereby unleashing our full potential for compassion and wisdom.

  • “A Cross-Zen Dialogue” in Chicago Brings Diverse Buddhist Practitioners Together

    A Cross-Zen Dialogue with 3 Teachers

    On June 28, 2019 evening, about 80 participants from many different sanghas and lineages in Chicago and beyond attended the “A Cross-Zen Dialogue” event. This event brought the three teachers Rev. Taigen Dan Leighton (Japanese Soto Zen), Meido Moore Roshi (Japanese Rinzai Zen) and Guo Gu (Chinese Chan) together to discuss the similarities and differences between the approaches that each of their traditions takes to Dharma and practice. The overall theme for the evening was that all the practices and lineages represented by the three teachers have much more in common than they differ, and that no single approach is better for everyone.

  • The Ten Paramitas of Mahayana Buddhism : Patience (with Rev. Nancy Easton)

    Rev. Eishin Nancy Easton

    On May 11, 2019, we welcomed our very first guest teacher, Rev. Eishin Nancy Easton! Rev. Easton joined us in group meditation and gave a Dharma talk on the third of The Ten Paramitas of Mahayana Buddhism — Kshanti / Kṣānti (Patience). Rev. Easton came early and practiced moving and sitting meditation with us. Afterward, she gave a wonderful Dharma talk on “The Patience Paramita”. She then led us into a dynamic group discussion to explore the practice of Patience in daily life and answered many of our questions on the topic.