Last Saturday, on Nov. 9, 2019, Kayla presented on the topic of Karma.

Kayla’s presentation was followed by a lively group discussion on the topic at length – not just how karma is formed, but how karma affects us at different times in different ways. Following is a copy of Kayla’s Karma presentation, the outline of ideas we discussed, links to the articles on Karma Kayla used for her research, and the homework she suggested for the group verbally at the end of our session.

Happy learning!


About Karma

We learned that karma isn’t planted just because we do “good things,” but also, what kind of intention we have in all things that we do, from something as large as choosing to volunteer to something as small as what to eat for lunch. Most of all, we discussed how karma is complicated, difficult to fully comprehend, and is everywhere around us and woven tightly into all our lives: Past, present, and future.


Readings on Karma