Kaira Jewel Lingo
Healing Blocks of Suffering in Our Consciousness
On Sunday, May 12, 2024, after meditation we listened to a Dharma talk titled Healing Blocks of Suffering in the Individual and Collective Consciousness by meditation teacher, Kaira Jewel Lingo.

In her talk, Karia Jewel Lingo explores the intricate relationship between the mind and suffering. Drawing from teachings by Thích Nhất Hạnh, she explains the concept of the Store Consciousness, where seeds of mental factors, both wholesome and unwholesome, are stored. Using real-life examples, Lingo explains how sensory impressions and thoughts continually water these seeds, shaping our mental landscape and affecting our actions and emotional well-being.

Throughout the talk, Lingo reminds us of the power of mindfulness – a wholesome seed that we all have – in mitigating unwholesome seeds. By cultivating present-moment awareness to observe our thoughts and emotions caringly, without judgment, we can create a space for intentional responses rather than reactive behaviors. She highlights the dangers of attempting to suppress suffering through constant stimulation or addictive behaviors, urging us to embrace our sufferings as part of our journey toward healing and freedom.

Towards the end of the Q&A segment of her talk, Lingo addresses the challenges in coping with deep trauma and paralyzing fear. She stressed the importance of not letting past experiences define us. Using the metaphor of the sun shining above stormy clouds, Lingo explains the enduring presence of freedom within our minds, even amidst overwhelming fear. She recommends infusing mindfulness practices into everyday activities, like walking and eating, to redirect mental energy away from past traumas and fears, thereby diminishing their grip on the present moment.

The full recording of the talk, including a 30-minute guided meditation segment, is posted below. Happy Learning!


From the Teacher: Healing Blocks of Suffering

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Healing Blocks of Suffering in the Individual and Collective Consciousness” by Kaira Jewel Lingo*

Video Content:
00:00:00 – Greeting & Explanation of Guided meditation method
00:03:29 – Guided Meditation
00:34:23 – Dharma Talk
01:03:38 – Q & A


* Kaira Jewel Lingo is a Dharma teacher who has a life-long interest in blending spirituality and meditation with social justice. Having grown up in an ecumenical Christian community that bridged a new kind of monasticism for families with working with the poor, at the age of 25 she entered a Buddhist monastery in the Plum Village tradition and spent 15 years living as a nun under the guidance of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. She received the lamp transmission from Thich Nhat Hanh and became a Zen teacher in 2007 and is also a teacher in the Vipassana Insight lineage. Today she sees her work as a continuation of the Engaged Buddhism developed by her teacher as well as the work of her parents, inspired by their stories and her dad’s work with Martin Luther King Jr. on desegregating the South.

She is the author of the book
We Were Made for These Times (Parallax, 2021), co-author of Healing Our Way Home (Parallax, 2024), and editor of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children (Parallax, 2013).